Born in the east of England in 1984, Fraser’s career has taken him across these islands and through many areas of musical activity. Now settled in Dublin, he carries on a busy life of performing, composing, arranging, and manifold other things. Recent compositions include commissions for performers in Ireland and the UK, and his first Irish-language choral work, An Nollaig sin fadó, was premiered at Christmas 2010 by the Choir of St Ann’s, Dawson St, Dublin. He is currently working on a number of projects involving (amongst other things) traditional Irish song, a piece for trumpet and string quartet, and an advertising campaign. A major new piece in celebration of the King James Bible receives its first performance in Gloucester Cathedral this summer. As with many practising musicians, as the range and breadth of his experience has increased, so has the scale and depth of his own work, both performing and composing.
He carries on a considerable amount of teaching, both instrumental and theory-based, alongside regular accompaniment and coaching of young musicians, and in all this work is acutely aware of the teacher’s duty (and joy) to inspire, stretch and support the artists of the next generation. Flexible and multi-faceted in his approach and talents, he enjoys working with musicians of all ages and backgrounds.

He is a member of Anúna and many other choirs, and he founded and directs the Rivelin Singers, whose work has taken them across England. He works regularly with other musicians in Dublin and further afield, including the tenor Simon Madden, soprano Cally Youdell (with whom he will be undertaking a tour of England this summer), a number of choirs, and myriad others. He particularly enjoys accompaniment and chamber music.

While widely experienced as a church musician, his interests and abilities stretch far beyond that realm (although this important aspect of his life feeds into his other activities, and vice versa). Fraser was Organ Scholar of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin, where he was privileged to work with Judy Martin and Tristan Russcher and the professional cathedral choir. He was then successively Director and Assistant Director of Music at St Bartholomew’s Church, and maintains a high level of activity in sacred music. He is editor of the magazine Soundboard and writes prolifically on music and musicians.